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Band story begins in 2007-2008 from the jazz/blues/rocknroll-cover band named the Black Lodge where played some of the future "Cats".

After a major rotation among the band members in 2008 a new drummer Viktor Klepikovsky, a singer Galina Kisil, and a bassist Alexander Yegorov joined the band. So the first crew (no-named yet) had come up. The group started to work on repertoire, generously diluting jazz and rock'n'roll covers with own psychedelic improvisations. In March 2009 the Cats gave their first gig in one of the local pubs. The band needed a dare and rock'n'roll name. Galina came up with it, "Cats on the Roof."

Then there were more concerts in clubs, performances at private parties, jam sessions, which built up our style. We improvised, having fun, talking, hauled equipment for concerts, rode the oldtimer cars, and just lived our lives.

One day in 2009 Viktor, and some later Galina said that they leave. Thus ended the first stage in the life of the group.

After some time a new drummer, Yuri Sinitsky, who had a serious experience in various styles and a developed musical taste, joined to Max Rudensky and Alexander Yegorov. After a year of repetitions and new member' castings, the musicians decided to change their format from club cover-band (although focused on jazz) to compose their own music based on psychedelic and free jazz improvisation. Group defined its style as a psychedelic / progressive / space-rock, jazz-rock, fusion.

A lot of new ideas and melodies borned during 2010-2011 gags, jams and repetitions, so the members decided to conduct it to their debute album. The recording and mastering lasted during one year, from mid-summer 2011 to summer 2012. In August, 2012 the mastering was over. Album was named "Pros and Cons of Solitude".

Currently the band prepares a CD to release, write a new music, and record the earlier tracks that didn't get into the album.